Be a Happier You with Sarah Stanyer

Sarah Stanyer
2:00 pm

2nd September 2017

T.F.Y- Time For You is most probably the best thing you can do for yourself to create ease in your life. Life can get increasing more challenging and hectic. If we don’t look after our well-being something will eventually give!

What to Expect – Various techniques can be used to balance our beings. Experience a few of these during the workshop. We will start with a technique used to balance our bodies. Sit and relax whilst I share a small part of my story from the corporate world to setting up my business. We will then do some energizing breathing- then Experience in pairs a small part of one of my therapies called Access Consciousness Bars Therapy. A therapy that changed my life, freeing me from Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue, as well as arthritic pain. Access has various tools and techniques to help energies, create calm and stop all the judgement and criticism in your head!

We will finish the workshop with relaxation – freeing your whole being.

Please bring a blanket, wear comfy clothes, warm socks or bring slippers, whatever you need to create comfort and warmth.


Cost £35 (early bird £25 if pay by end of August)

Please ring Jill on 01829 771895 to book