Hips Hips Hips – With Emma Malone

2:00 pm

21st March 2020

Hips Hips Hips with Emma Malone 2-4pm

The hip joint in integral part of the pelvis and has a huge influence over your stability and position in the saddle, your ability to absorb the forces from the horse and applying aids. Restriction in your hip joint causes you to bounce and perhaps lose your stirrups.You need some muscular effort in your hip joint together with your core. Your upper body alignment is also needed for hip mobility and control.

This workshop will explore
1: Anatomy and muscultare around the hip joint
2: Weaknesses that can occur and the impact on horse and rider
3: Exercises to improve hip mobility, strength and condition.

Outcomes from this workshop will include:
* The connection between core use and flexible hips
*The importance of your breath in hip function
* Why ‘heels down” causes stiffness in your hip joints
* How to stop arching your back when you try to open your hips.

£30 per person
Spaces are limited

To Book please message  Emma Malone  – 07771 345009 Deposit of £15 required to secure your place.

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