Miracle Choreography workshop

9:30 am

4th March 2018

Miracle is an old Nia routine no longer available which was choreographed by Carlos Rosas to the following playlist :  Miracle by Olive
This Time by Olive
Why by Enigma
Shadows in Silence by Enigma
The Child in Us by Enigma
Dancing is important by Moodswings
Blind Television by Jammin’ Unit
Splendid by Marschmellows
Thank you for hearing me by Sinead O’Connor
Bless This by Global Communication
During this workshop you will learn the nuances in crafting a routine so that you can maximise your understanding of Nia and increase the pleasure you get from doing a class.

The focus is on simplicity and the art of layering

We will dance each track in turn, do the bars and then you get an opportunity to teach it as a group or just follow the others

Choreography bars will be provided for you to adapt during the workshop

Open to everyone not just Nia teachers

Cost: £60 (£10 deposit payable only if you book and then are unable to come)