Mystere choreography workshop

9:30 am

21st January 2018


Mystere is an old Nia routine no longer available which was choreographed by Debbie Rosas to music by Cirque du Soleil

During this workshop you will experience how Jill has adapted Debbie’s version and learn more about the nuances in crafting a Nia routine so that you can maximise your understanding of Nia and increase the pleasure you get from doing a class

We dance the routine first to get you in the mood then go through each track to listen to the bars and learn the signature moves.

Choreography bars will be provided for you to adapt during the workshop

Open to everyone not just Nia teachers

The class at the beginning of the workshop 10.00 – 11.00am is open to everyone (£10)

Cost: £60

For further details or to book a place, please ring Jill Raine on 01829 771895